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Vaping vs Smoking: A Cost Analysis

Exploring the Financial Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking

Switching from cigarettes to vaping isn't just beneficial for your health; it also offers significant financial advantages. This article delves into the cost comparison between these two habits.

Consider this: the average smoker in the UK smokes approximately 20 cigarettes per day at the approximate cost of £14.57 per packet. That's approximately £101 per week, £441 per month, and £5,318 annually on cigarettes. To give you a better idea, that's more than the average yearly energy bill of £1,835 for a household with 2-3 people.

So, what's the yearly cost of vaping? We'll analyze and compare the expenses associated with vaping versus smoking cigarettes, demonstrating the potential to save as much as threefold by opting for vaping.

The Rising Cost of Cigarettes in the UK

The price for cigarettes in the UK has seen an astronomical increase of 176% from £5.33 in 2007 to the current average price of £14.57, while the average cost for a 30g pouch of rolling tobacco is now at £10.54.

Cost of Tobacco in the UK 2023
Cigarettes (10 a day) Cigarettes (20 a day) Rolling Tobacco
£51 / week
£221 / month
£2,652 / year
£102 / week
£442 / month
£5,303 / year
£961 / year (10 a day)
£1,922 / year (20 a day)

Estimated Expenses for Vaping: A Detailed Overview

Below is a typical cost breakdown for vaping:

  • Initial Vaping Kit: £15-£50 (a single purchase)
  • Monthly Coil Cost: £9-£13
  • Monthly E-liquid Expense: £12-£24

The average monthly expenditure for vaping rounds up to approx £21-£37 a month based on an individual who smoked 20 cigarettes a day.

This translates to an annual vaping cost of approximately £277-£469 compared to the average smoking costs of over £5318 according to research.

Monthly Cost Breakdown of Vaping

On average, vaping costs about £21-£37 per month. This makes it significantly more cost-effective than smoking, particularly after the initial purchase of your vaping kit. The primary ongoing expenses are coils and e-liquids.

Refillable pod kits use coils to convert e-liquid into vapor. These coils usually need to be replaced every 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer, which amounts to up to approximately £13 a month.

The amount of e-liquid you use depends on your daily consumption and the nicotine strength you prefer. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid, which costs between £3 and £4 and is equivalent to approximately 240 cigarettes, is typically used. On average, a user might consume 3-6 10ml bottles a month. Opting for bulk purchases, such as three bottles for £10, can lead to further savings. Monthly, the cost for e-liquids is around £12-£24, varying from person to person.

The Cost of Vaping vs Smoking

Switching to vaping could see you spending up to 3 times less per year. A refillable pod kit works out at £1,753 cheaper per year than a 10-a-day smoking habit.
Such a substantial saving like that can, along with the health benefits, provide a tangible motivation to help you make the switch to vaping.

Smoking Vs Vaping Calculator


Current Monthly Smoking Spend:


Vaping Cost

Required E-Liquid Per Month: 130 ml

Required Coils Per Month: 8.67

Total Monthly Vaping Cost: £49.83

Total Monthly Savings: £360.79

Total Annual Savings: £4329.49

* The above are estimations based on research and the answers you have provided. This is only a guideline.

Understanding the Price of a Refillable Vape Kit

Let's explore the costs associated with a refillable vape kit, using the Vaporesso XROS 3 Kit from Juice Monkey Vape UK, a very popular starter kit, as an example:

Cost Efficiency of Disposable Vapes: A Comprehensive Look

Disposable vapes, which are over 50% more cost-effective than smoking, are an excellent choice for beginners due to their simplicity and ease of use. However, there are talks of these being banned within the UK. While they may not be as economical as refillable vape kits, disposable vapes still present significant savings compared to traditional tobacco. A refillable pod kit will save you even more money, but disposables have their benefits too.

A single disposable vape, priced at about £4.95, can provide 600 puffs and typically lasts 1-2 days depending on usage. At Juice Monkey Vape UK, we offer a special deal: 5 disposables for £20, saving you an additional 19%.

Based on using one disposable every two days, the costs are as follows:

  • £20 per week
  • £87 per month
  • £1,040 per year


The transition to vaping can lead to substantial cost savings, acting as a strong incentive for those looking to quit smoking. For novices, disposable vapes are a straightforward option to begin vaping, but for long-term savings and commitment to quitting tobacco, a refillable pod kit is the better financial choice.

The prospect of maintaining a refillable pod kit shouldn't be a deterrent. These kits are designed for ease of use, rivaling disposables in convenience, and offer significant savings in the long run.

For those exploring the world of vaping, our Ultimate Beginner Vaping Guide provides an informative journey through the benefits of vaping and assists in selecting the ideal setup. For any additional queries, our extensive guides section has you covered.

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