Pod Salt50:5010ml Nic Salts

Pod Salt50:5010ml Nic Salts


50/50 VG/PG Nicotine salt e-liquids from POD Salt.

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20mg – Apple, 20mg – Blackcurrant Menthol, 20mg – Blackcurrant, 20mg – Blue Berg, 20mg – Blue Ice, 20mg – Cigarette, 20mg – Vanilla, 20mg – Strawberry, 20mg – Mixed Berries, 20mg – Mango Ice, 20mg – Ice Menthol, 20mg – Havana Gold, 20mg – Blueberry Pomegranate, 20mg – Virginia (Virginia Gold), 20mg – Watermelon Breeze, 11mg – Apple, 11mg – Blackcurrant Menthol, 11mg – Blackcurrant, 11mg – Blue Berg, 11mg – Blue Ice, 11mg – Blueberry Pomegranate, 11mg – Cigarette, 11mg – Havana Gold, 11mg – Mango Ice, 11mg – Ice Menthol, 11mg – Mixed Berries, 11mg – Strawberry, 11mg – Vanilla, 11mg – Virginia (Virginia Gold), 11mg – Watermelon Breeze, 11mg – Banana Ice, 11mg – Blue Raspberry, 11mg – Cuban Creme, 11mg – Fresh Mint, 11mg – Lychee Ice, 11mg – Mixed Berries Ice, 20mg – Banana Ice, 20mg – Blue Raspberry, 20mg – Cuban Creme, 20mg – Fresh Mint, 20mg – Lychee Ice, 20mg – Mixed Berries Ice, 11mg – Cantaloupe Ice, 11mg – Cherry Ice, 11mg – Red Apple Ice, 20mg – Cantaloupe Ice, 20mg – Cherry Ice, 20mg – Red Apple Ice, 05mg – Apple, 05mg – Banana Ice, 05mg – Blackcurrant Menthol, 05mg – Blue Berg, 05mg – Blue Ice, 05mg – Blue Raspberry, 05mg – Blueberry Pomegranate, 05mg – Cantaloupe Ice, 05mg – Cherry Ice, 05mg – Cigarette, 05mg – Cuban Creme, 05mg – Fresh Mint, 05mg – Ice Menthol, 05mg – Lychee Ice, 05mg – Mango Ice, 05mg – Mixed Berries, 05mg – Mixed Berries Ice, 05mg – Red Apple Ice, 05mg – Strawberry, 05mg – Vanilla, 05mg – Virginia (Virginia Gold), 05mg – Watermelon Breeze


Ideal for most POD devices and mouth-to-lung kits. Available in 12 great flavours to suit a variety of tastes. Each 10ml bottle comes individually boxed.

Apple – Deliciously crisp and juicy green apples.

Banana Ice – Sweet and creamy banana with a fresh icy combo

Blackcurrant – Zesty, zingy and bursting with juiciness, we know you’ll love this fruity flavour.

Blackcurrant Menthol – A sweet, full-bodied blackcurrant vape with a cool blast of ice for ultimate refreshment.

Blue Berg – A remix of the famous Heisenberg – mixed blue berries with hints of menthol and aniseed

Blue Ice – Super-juicy blueberries with an added burst of menthol coolness. A perfect summer treat!

Blue Raspberry – A candy-inspired flavour that’s sweet, tangy and bursting with flavour

Blueberry Pomegranate – A delicious mix of ripe blueberries and juicy pomegranates

Cantaloupe Ice – A juicy and refreshing blast of sweet cantaloupe flavor with a refreshing icy exhale

Cherry Ice – A mouthwatering blend of sweet and tart cherry flavor with a cool menthol finish

Cigarette – An earthy, medium-bodied classic tobacco taste.

Cuban Creme – The taste of a hand-made cigar with an earthy, woody and sharp aroma with hints of sweet vanilla crème

Fresh Mint – Cool and refreshing mint leaves

Havana Gold – A strong and smoky tobacco flavour

Ice Menthol – An ice-cold blast of menthol to refresh your senses

Lychee Ice – Refreshing lychee fruit given a cool, icy twist.

Mango Ice – A refreshing blend of mango fruit flavours with ice menthol

Mixed Berries – A fruity blend of mixed red berries

Mixed Berries Ice – A refreshing forest fruit mix of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry with a cool ice blast

Red Apple Ice – A deliciously sweet and refreshing blend of crisp, tangy red apples and cool and invigorating menthol.

Strawberry – What could be more simple? The classic sweet taste of British Summer.

Vanilla – A delicious creamy vanilla flavour for a mouth-watering vape experience

Virginia – This smooth tobacco vape has real depth and an underlying sweetness, just like real Virginia

Watermelon Breeze – This combination of refreshing watermelon with an icy breeze makes for a cool and unforgettable experience

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